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Pengana WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund - Overview

The Pengana WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund is a positively screened sustainable impact fund, managed through a partnership with WHEB Group. WHEB is a specialist investor focused on the opportunities created by the global transition to more sustainable, resource efficient and energy efficient economies.

The Fund specifically invests in trends which we believe will mitigate or ease the challenges resulting from:

1. Resource scarcity
2. Ageing population
3. Rising population and living standards
4. Globalisation

We also believe that companies which create positive social and/or environmental impacts, through their products and services and the manner in which they conduct their business, will ultimately enjoy structurally growing markets and will see resilient profitability.

Vie the Fund Profile here.

Key Information

Inception Date
31 October 2007 (GDG),
Relaunched as WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund on
1 August 2017
Investment Objectives
The Fund’s investment objective is to
achieve capital growth over the medium
to longer term.
Global (includes Australia and New Zealand)
Ethical Policy
The Fund invests in companies that provide solutions to sustainability challenges
Recommended Investment Time Frame
At least 7 years
Minimum Initial Investment
Distributions 1
30 June and 31 December
Management Fee 
1.35% per annum
Performance Fee
Advisor Remuneration
Regular Savings Plan
Yes - minimum $200 per month

Established on 31 October 2007, the Hunter Hall Global Deep Green Trust (GDG) was invested in an ethically screened portfolio of global equities. On 1 August 2017, the fund was relaunched and named the Pengana WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund under a new investment mandate and partnership with WHEB.

1. Distributions are only payable when there is net income to distribute.

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International: +61 2 8524 9900

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