Invest Now - Initial Applications

Please read the current Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the relevant Fund, together with the Additional Information brocure. Then complete an application form. These documents can be forwarded to you on request or downloaded by clicking here.

Your completed application form and cheque should be forwarded to:

FundBPO - Unit Registry
GPO Box 4968
Sydney NSW 2001

Cheques are to be made payable to:
'JPM Nominees ACF HH App a/c'

The minimum initial investment for the VGT, GET, AVT, GDG and HCT is A$5,000.
The minimum initial investment for the AEF is $25,000 (wholesale investors only).

Additional Investments

Existing Unitholders in a Fund may invest further amounts of A$2,000 or more at any time.

Additional units may also be acquired through the reinvestment of income distributions.

Additional investments may be made by cheque or via bank deposit. Bank deposit details must be provided to us.  You may choose to use an Additional Investment Request Form, which includes details for cheques and direct deposits.

If you are an existing unitholder but wish to invest in another Hunter Hall Fund, you must complete a new Application Form from the current PDS.

Regular Savings Plan

To start a Regular Savings Plan you will need to:

Discount Brokers

The Funds are available through a variety of discount brokers. Click here for a complete listing of Discount Brokers.

Margin Lenders

The Funds can be accessed through a variety of Margin Lenders. Click here for a  complete listing of Margin Lenders.

Master Trust Platforms

The Funds are on various Platform offerings (sometimes referred to as Wrap Accounts). Click here for a complete listing of Master Trust Platforms.


If you are interested in investing your superannuation in the Hunter Hall Funds, please visit the Hunter Hall page on the netwealth website.

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